Closet By Suram

Are you tired of repeating your outfits that you spent hundreds of dollars on?

Is the 'mix and match' looking uncoordinated now?

Have you been eyeing your friend's outfit but are too shy too borrow it?

Repeating an outfit twice can almost be a criminal mistake when most of our parties and functions involve the same set of friends and extended families. Every now and then, we are urged to buy a new outfit for every occasion even though we are only going to wear it once most likely! Yes, this thought nags each one of us when we buy a new outfit - how many times am i going to wear this? We do end up calculating the 'life' of our outfit even before we decide on which one to buy from the heap of 'possibles' that we like.

Closet by suram is a gallery of designer indian dresses from where you can rent a designer Suits, Sarees and Lehngas for a fraction of the purchase price, wear it, and return it. The outfit you rent is new to you and is of your choice..... We assure you to be the hit at the party....every time!

And, yes, it's our little secret.... No one has to know secret behind your gorgeous looks!